Third Pole


Third Pole, Inc. is a US-based company developing next generation life-saving cardiopulmonary therapies. We are building on our team’s legacy in inhaled nitric oxide (NO), the current standard of care, to develop next generation life-saving heart and lung therapies. Our first product is being designed to be a simple, convenient, economical, and lightweight device capable of generating nitric oxide from air and electricity (eNO) on-demand and on-site which potentially eliminates the need for large compressed gas cylinders. We believe our novel approach of creating NO on demand from iridium electrodes (eNO) has the promise to create new markets by enabling the worldwide use of inhaled NO in settings outside of acute care.

Research has indicated that the core technology for our initial product offering, which is currently an investigational device, limited by federal law to investigational use, may lead to “acute pulmonary effects equivalent to NO obtained from commercially available cylinders” in clinical testing and animal models.

Third Pole’s intellectual property and key members of our development team both came out of Massachusetts General Hospital, the global center of excellence for research into the biological roles of nitric oxide, where therapeutic inhaled nitric oxide was discovered and first administered to save blue babies.

The flexibility of our inhaled NO technology has the potential to expand the application of inhaled NO beyond acute care by making it practical in more settings while also expanding the use of inhaled NO in previously underserved geographic markets that lack the infrastructure to transport, maintain, return and refill large cylinders of compressed gas.

Third Pole is not providing any medical advice through this website.